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Oso Industries is a design studio focusing on new applications of concrete for furniture and custom interior design. Inspired by urban living, sculptor and founder Eric Weil and his team individually hand craft multi-functional furniture and architectural elements featuring concrete and other materials in clean, geometric forms. Elevating concrete — often overlooked and considered utilitarian — into beautiful, highly polished surfaces has been their focus ever since the inception in 2005. Over the years, the design studio has continued to find new uses for concrete by coupling it with stainless steel, bronze, walnut, and colored glass.

Custom Interior Design Furniture Concrete Applications

Contact name: Eric Weil
Office number: (347) 987-4256
Mobile phone: (347) 365-0389
Email: eric@osoindustries.com
Address: 1205 Manhattan Ave, Suite 1-1-3, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Website: osoindustries.com
Facebook: facebook.com/osoindustries
Instagram: @osoindustries