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Penn & Fletcher

From the Franklin Report: “Penn & Fletcher stands in a league of its own. No one else attempts to do what the firm accomplishes on a regular basis. Using patterns and techniques long forgotten by all except a few scholars of the 18th century decorative arts, the company recreates and/or uniquely composes embroidery motifs too large and too complicated for others. Their scope is limited only by the imagination - and they stretch that too. The showroom includes an endless variety of house patterns (more cost effective), embroidery samples, picture albums, a research library and thread stocks. Top-tier designers say embroidery work “doesn’t get better than this.” All of the work is done in Penn & Fletcher’s Long Island City workroom, across from the Queensboro Bridge. Owner Ernie Smith, who is the design inspiration, has legendary and contagious enthusiasm. The staff is equally professional. Projects can take from four to twelve weeks. “

Custom Embroidery

Contact name: Ernie Smith
Phone number: (212) 239-6868
Fax number: (212) 239-6914
Address: 2107 41st Ave, 5th Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101
Instagram: @pennandfletcher