Randall Studio

Randall Studio specializes in the conservation and restoration of gilded objects. We have extensive experience working with period gilded picture frames, mirror frames, gilded furniture, sculpture and objects d'art. With over two decades of experience in the techniques of traditional water gilding and mordant gilding. Gilding of new modern objects to reproduce traditional gilded finishes for interior and exterior architectural elements is also a specialty.

Randall has treated American and European gilded works dating from the 16th through the 21st centuries. He personally formulates and implements treatment strategies and performs work in his studio or onsite. He has garnered the continued confidence of museums, religious/governmental/private institutions, historic sites, collectors, and gallery owners. Randall Studio is committed to providing the highest professional standards in the unique art of gilding.

Restoration Gilding Frames Furniture Sculptures

Contact name: Mark Randall
Phone number: (516) 241-6226
Email: randallstudio3@gmail.com
Address: 183 New York Ave, Suite E, Huntington, NY 11743
Website: randallgildingandrestoration.com
Instagram: @randallstudio