Van Gregory & Norton

The Van Gregory & Norton design studio, located in a 19th century loft building in Brooklyn, produces custom hand-finished mirrors and curtain hardware for the design industry. Designers Van Gregory Wifvat and Kelly Bugden find inspiration in natural forms and classical architecture, drawing on their backgrounds in sculpture and painting. They proudly put forth a collection representative of diverse eras and styles—from early classical to modernist and contemporary forms.

The studio offers clients a range of custom finishes featuring water-gilding, oil-gilding, painted, and wood finishes.

Custom Finishes Water Gilding Oil Gilding
Painted Finishes Wood Finishes

Contact name: Van Gregory Wifvat
Phone number: (718) 522-6546
Fax number: (718) 522-6547
Email: info@vangregoryandnorton.com
Address: 87 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Website: vangregoryandnorton.com
Facebook: facebook.com/van-gregory-norton
Instagram: @vangregoryandnorton